The story of us

We are a close team of creative designers based in Europe.

How it all began

It all started in the beginning of 2021 when some post on crypto twitter triggered Natural Warp to start browsing NFT art on Rarible which made him bump into the freshly minted artworks by TheRealCyberPunk88.

2 cyberpunk themed series where the first was featuring a futuristic city skyline and a pimped reimagination of some iconic racecar in the front and the other one was a set of animated cyberminions beautifully executed.

Noticing both this style and quality Natural Warp took immediate action, bought the artworks and contacted TheRealCyberPunk88 to ask about the process of creation. Shortly after that a solo exhibition was installed in Somnium Space to show off this collection and already the first signs of the V-RACΞ collaboration was teased in a live event.

Here's a link towards the SomniumWeb VR Solo exhibition owned by Natural Warp of those 2 NFT series by TheRealCyberPunk88 :

Half a year later a racetrack appeared in the north of the Somnium Space map and the first 16 crypto vehicles were released on the public market.

In Fall 2021 our third team member Artific joined V-RACΞ as our VFX specialist to make sure our avatars could be equipped with next level hand gesture triggered special effects


“V-RACΞ is your virtual reality / crypto identity producing brand”
exclusive digital assets of the highest quality
We are the first brand offering a complete set of VR ready crypto assets.
We build your secure and directly usable digital identity in the form of an NFT.
We deliver digital vehicles combined with both male and female driver suit crypto avatars.

"Your top end quality NFTs with proper usecase & loaded with awesomeness.”
Directly Usable in Somnium Space VR